My daughter Rebecca developed the environmental illness Multiple Chemical Sensitivity when she was close to 2 years of age as a result of poisoning from the common sunscreen chemical butyl methoxy dibenzoylmethane, to which she was allergic. The chemical was present in a 50 ml roll-on I bought. The concentration of BMDM in the product was 3/4 of 1%, and I applied it to the lower half of her face and the back of her hands. She passed out. Her teeth turned orange-brown, her skin turned yellow-brown all over. Her urine was the colour of dark tea. Her skin and breath stank like a sewer. She appeared to be brain damaged. Some of the brown hair on the back of her head grew in pure white.

Rebecca's mental and physical function are now profoundly affected by environmental chemicals, in foods, in the air she breathes, and anything that comes in contact with her skin. She cannot have sunscreen with BMDM used by anyone around her, and we have had to have this chemical banned from her kindergarten this year, and her school for next year. The regulatory authority was notified at the time of the injury, as was the sunscreen company. The product that did the damage was Ego Sunsense Face Milk, labelled "hypo-allergenic". The chemical responsible is sometimes called Parsol 1789. In the USA I believe it is known as avobenzone.

I have also developed MCS as a result of handling the product that hurt my child. I am not as sensitive as my daughter but I continue to get worse. Environmental exposures to BMDM (other people's sunscreen) seem to be responsible for this worsening.  We are trying to get BMDM not only banned but classified as a prohibited substance. Please let other people know that this sunscreen chemical is toxic and incompatible with human ecology.

•     Dianne, BSc (Pharmacology, Biochemistry)