From the day he was born, my son screamed. At the age of 2, his behaviour was unmanageable. This was when we started the failsafe journey. Some of his behaviours were; trouble sleeping, belly aches, head banging and running out the door and across the road. The final two on this list were really bad. He would bang his head on the concrete outside, on the tiles and often (strangely) on the coir doormat. By chance, a friend went to a talk by Sue Dengate, and in this she mentioned 160b (annatto). We found this in yoghurt. When we took this out of his diet, he stopped head banging.  The other major problem we had was that he would run away, and seemed to have no understanding of danger. He would often suddenly dash across the road, even on busy streets. We tracked it down to amines. When we became really strict on the amines, his behaviour settled down greatly.  Since that time, we have found out that he has mild autism and coeliac disease, and that these things affect behaviour too. Amines are slowly and carefully being trialled again, but annatto will never come back - Claire

From a dietitian: A teenage girl thanked her for saving her life. The girl said she used to self harm and tried to commit suicide a few times as well but she somehow found the RPA Hospital elimination diet and that it was amines that were making her feel this way. Now she is amine-free she no longer wants to end her life.

If my little one has amines she is depressed. She cries uncontrollably. My sister in law also has been battling depression and anxiety. She finally listened to me changed her diet and now she no longer wants to kill herself -Kylie

It was bad enough in this house with my third child that I kept a diary for about 6 weeks. I knew the meltdowns, anger, tantrums weren't normal ie over nothing kind of stuff, were scarily angry for such a small child (including self harm) and lasted far too long and nothing was helping at all. The same things that worked with my first two ie discipline or talking to work out problems, was not working with this child. At the time, I had no idea that food could have such a big impact on behaviour/mood, BUT I SOON LEARNED! After changing her diet, we saw a different child in 2 weeks! A calm, happy, normal child. That was nearly 2 years ago. Sure, she has the normal kid melt down occasionally but that’s all. Changed our lives -  Jan

My 2 year old daughter has silent reflux and can be in a considerable amount of pain. When this happens she can't/won't sleep at home and throws inconsolable tantrums lasting hours, including self harming behaviour. Getting her medication and food intolerances sorted have pretty much fixed all the issues - Raechel

My son and daughter both self harm when they are chronic (salicylates and additives) and my son when he melts down swears and self harms - Carlene

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