I have listed the effects on my boys 2 and 4 years plus other results if you are interested.  We started the elimination diet 6 months ago and I can safely say that the challenges were one of the hardest things we have ever done - if I was in paid employment I would have been on stress leave! 

Fortunately we have all survived (including the marriage) and have come out the other end in a much better place.   Why did we start - my eldest was having major problems at kindy - his behavior at home has always been challenging but escalated in a group environment.  A few labels were mentioned ADHD, PDD, SPD - but he didn't really seem to fit fully into any of those categories.  My other concern was we were going to have the same problems with our youngest when he went to kindy - as he is a " mini me" to his big brother. I took my eldest to a place called Learning Connections (in Brisbane) and they suggested diet.  We worked with a dietician at Mooloolaba and these are the boys’ reactions below. 

Interestingly we were doing daily homework that the OT had set - handwriting and jumping jacks while we were doing the challenges (same exercises everyday), some days he couldn't even hold a pencil and others he was too clumsy to complete a jumping jack successfully.  My youngest no longer has asthma like symptoms and only one case of tonsillitis this year, both only 1 cold this year that lasted 1 day - last year a cold would last minimum 2 weeks, and both had 3 cases of tonsillitis. Both have allergic reactions to a number of antibiotics - penicillin, erythromycin and cephalexin so maybe they are extra sensitive or maybe their reactions have escalated the problem? 

160b annatto: 2 yo - sore legs; 4 yo - sleep disturbances (I had to lie on him to get him to lie still to fall asleep, then he was up 4 times during the night with nightmares)  Both - hyperactive, restless, wet pants, screaming, angry, arguing.  This was within 2 hours of eating yoghurt, fortunately my husband was home when they reacted as we had to separate them for their own safety and we just exercised them for two hours straight then gave them a bicarb bath.  Lasted 24 hours.  Wednesdays for some reason were always 4yr olds worse day at kindy - it was litterless day - he couldn’t have any packaging in his lunchbox so I used to scoop out some of his dad’s yoghurt into a container :). Both boys used to be really "restless" at bedtime even when I knew they were tired.  They used to have custard for dessert.

Salicylates: 2 yo - dirty pants, whingy, hurt the dogs; 4 yo - long time to complete tasks, no eye contact. Both - touching, poking, prodding, breaking, arguing, impulsive, noises, loud.

Amines: 2 yo - wet and dirty pants emotional, defiant, hypo, screaming loud. 4 yo - space cadet/not listening and not responding.

282 propionates: crazy, consistently getting in trouble, emotional (2 yo more than 4 yo).

Soy milk: 2 yo diarrhea

Wheat: minor in 2 yo; major reaction in 4 yo, said he felt tingly, had the worse day at kindy ever - hurting other children, couldn't sit still very busy but very tired also, poor coordination, soiled pants, stomach pains.  

Life has definitely changed for the better for us - we still aren't there yet but we have come a long way.  I recorded one of my youngest outbursts on my phone and play it back when I forget why we are now so strict with their food - believe me a scary recording.  My eldest no longer needs the special education teacher aide to follow him around at kindy making sure he can survive the day but is now making friends and loving his kindy day.  He still has some neurological delays but is catching up really quickly. Thank you so much - if I hadn't been pushed to evaluate their diet (which I thought was healthy) I would not have read your book and my son would have a label :(. - Lisa (report received August 2011)