Does anyone else here have nasal polyps? I have had an operation twice to remove them, but I am extremely good at growing them - yay me! Just wondering if there was any relationship to food...  Bronwen from facebook group

Dairy big time for me, have had surgery twice and had constant infections. No dairy = no infections:)  For me neither of my surgeries made the difference that stopping dairy has. I had constant sinus infections. I'm simply nowhere near as mucusy, personally I don't think the ops made much difference for me. My immune system is "compromised" as I'm a cancer patient too so was told I had to have the surgery. Still got infections after the ops, finally went off dairy and taaa daaa its much better. Infections stopped! !  - Rachel from facebook group

I don't get infections, just constant snuffly nose and I always sound like I have a cold. I'm not sure about dairy for me, I grew them just as well when I was drinking soy milk!  - Bronwen

My specialist informed me that he has found a majority of his sinus sufferers find that soy affect them  - Theresa

Yes I have. Definitely caused by foods for me. Low salicylate diet has helped a lot. Can breath thru my nose now - Jann from facebook group

The ENT specialist said that people who have asthma and nasal polyps are usually salicylate sensitive. We cut salicylates out of my diet and one week later I was able to breath through my nose. - from Geoff, see full story [995]

I have Samter’s Syndrome (consisting of asthma, aspirin sensitivity and nasal polyps) also known as Samter’s Triad or aspirin-induced asthma. For the last 29 years I have been taking medications and trying to stay alive. When I found the Australian salicylate lists I was so excited, I could finally understand what was happening. I was inadvertently eating salicylates every day. – from a US reader, story [994

Sue's comment: There are numerous less-than-accurate salicylate lists on the internet. The only figures we support are the updated lists from RPAH - ask for our salicylate mistakes information sheet: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (reports received 2014)

References: Baenkler H, Salicylate intolerance, 2008