I would like to write our story, share our arduous journey and finally, how after reading your materials which you have so generously shared, show how they conclusively led to her recovery from "Eczema". As you have noticed, I have used eczema in inverted commas. The reason is simple; I never believed it was Eczema as diagnosed by the medical professional but was lost on how to manage it until we chanced upon your work.

It started when our daughter, Y, was about 3 years old (that was 4 years ago). She started developing some itchy, angry rash on the back of her knees, which led her to instinctively scratch it furiously. These rashes were not normal; they were persistent and appeared intensely itchy. The constant scratching soon led to bleeding and raw open wounds which were highly susceptible to infection. This rash soon started appearing on her ankles too. Naturally, like most parents, we brought to a Pediatrician and it was diagnosed as "Eczema".  Steroids were prescribed and, of course, the rash magically disappears when applied topically. However, like time and tides, it came back after a period of recess and this recess appeared to be shorter and shorter with each steroid application. The rash, too, became angrier and angrier. We subsequently brought her to a renowned dermatologist pediatrician, which also came out with the diagnosis...... "Eczema" and prescribed stronger classes of steroids. The 3rd and 4th opinion from the "best" medical practitioners in the country also produced the same conclusion "Eczema" and the solutions revolved around topical steroid applications, wet wrapping the child with steroid to infuse the medication and once, oral steroid was prescribed. The message from the medical professionals, like an orchestrated symphony, were the same; it cannot be cured, it is hereditary, it is not food related and long term use of steroid was the only option for her to lead a normal life. Call it delusional but we soon realized that this cannot be true and we did not want our child to be dependent on drugs which have the potential to cause ill health (such as cataracts, hormonal issues) in the long run. Normal human beings are not built to be dependent on man-made drugs. It had to be something else that is constantly triggering this response as it does not seem like conventional eczema as it was more "raised bumps" than dry skin. We had to find out.

The first thing we embarked on was to stop all steroid applications. This was necessary as steroids masked the inflammatory response and was not helpful in our investigation towards the triggers. This process was hard and arduous. Without the steroids, the rash unleashed its full potential, it was intensely itchy, red, hot and inflamed much liken to a chemical burn. We learnt that this is what is deemed as steroid withdrawal symptoms. The steroid acted like an opaque cage holding a progressively hungry lion within. Once the effects of the steroid wears off, the cage disappears and all hell breaks loose. The first 6 months of this period was the hardest, everyone lost sleep as the itch was the most intense from 2am to 6am as the body cortisol level were the lowest and the liver was detoxing. We had to make sure she did not scratch herself silly and had to constantly apply creams like calendura creams, coal tar cream, throughout the night.

Next, we tried multiple alternative treatments to align the body "imbalances"; Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bio Resonance Therapy, Osteopath spinal calibration. They had varying effects but did not seem to have significant improvements.  

We gathered that the trigger must be from the environment as the rash, which grows and wanes, is localized only at the back of her knees and ankles. This could mean the air she breathes, the food and drink, the clothes she wears, even the EMF she was exposed to was considered. HEPA air filters, dust mite free sheets, 100% cotton clothes, purified fluorine free water, BPA free bottles and EMF measurement were the easy part but it did not help much.

We deduced that it was food related (i.e. intolerance) as it appeared worst (rash spreads and become more itchy) after consuming certain foods. Keeping out processed food, seafood, gluten, diary, eggs was easy but the rash was still there. We started keeping a food diary but it did not help much as they are delayed reactions. Certain foods like apples, tomatoes were quite clear but we were not sure why but we avoided them anyway. We thought it could be pesticides, fructose or salicylates but who knows? To get some guidance, we brought our daughter for a skin prick test (IGE) and IGG blood test. The IGE test indicated dust mites (duh!) and IGG test indicate a whole host of food including eggs, diary, apples, leek, avocados, all types of fish,  etc...  It did not help much as the food to avoid is almost everything. We tried to follow the IGG recommendations are much as possible. It helped a little but she did not heal completely.

The big break came when we had the chance to move to Australia. While in Australia, for a period of 1 month, she had clear skin. We did not know why but it was definitely food related but we had stopped the food diary. We know for sure it was food and tried to replicate our diet but the rash rebounded. Finally we chanced upon the FEDUP book and the failsafe diet. We decided to put her on the FAILSAFE diet as there were safe alternatives, healthy choices and clear indication of what is high in salicylates or amines. We started the FAILSAFE diet on mid May 2015, two weeks later, it got worst (withdrawal) and subsequently the skin cleared completely within another 2 - 3 weeks. It has remained clear ever since. Somehow it is making sense now, the apples, avocados, sushi vinegar, apple cider vinegar, brocolli, sweet potatoes were her favorite foods. The outbreak of intense itchiness on scalp and skin after consuming Ibuprofen when having fever. These products are all high in salicyclates.

Now we are on the process of challenging back some of the food to measure her tolerance. We are happy to have bitten the bullet (4 years of hell) instead of taking the easy path (applying steroids). With the help of Dr Howard Dengate, Ms Sue Dengate and the FAILSAFE group team, we are grateful of all your support. We hope to share this positive experience with the Eczema support group which we belong to in Singapore. This can, hopefully, create the awareness where as far as we can observe, almost every other child has some kind of "Eczema", "Asthma" or other conditions. The rates of ADHD, Autism and other mental related conditions of varying degree are also on the rise.

Once again, thank you and hope you do not find the mail too lengthy - Herman from Fedup Roadshow.