My 3.5 yo son was an extremely unsettled baby, even as early as in the womb he wouldn't stay still for very long and always seemed 'uncomfortable' in there. He was born screaming and rarely stopped until he was about 2 years old. It was an extremely difficult time. He rarely slept and rarely ate, was very serious and 'sensitive' (to everything; stimulation, noise, smells, tags on clothes, touch...).  He has always also been extremely bright and advanced in terms of his speech, comprehension, creativity and emotional intelligence. He presents well, and grew and put on weight and reached milestones, so doctors never really believed that there was anything 'wrong' with him and I believe that it was put down to parental anxiety.

He slowly got better as he grew older but still continues to be extremely sensitive. His tantrums are atrocious and can be set off by the slightest thing. He seems almost constantly irritable. His symptoms seem to fit the symptoms you describe of food intolerance. So we started the RPAH elimination diet excluding dairy as well 24 days ago. For almost the whole first three weeks, his good days got better ( he is more compliant than ever, significantly kinder to his brother, shares, helps around the house, can sit still and do a task, can play on his own for long periods of time!!) but his bad days got worse. He had worse tantrums and more of them since being on the diet. At first I thought they were withdrawal symptoms, then I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong ... but things are continuing to improve every single day and we are having less and less tantrums so perhaps it just took a little longer with our son.

Although we are still having some issues, this has helped us SO MUCH! Thank you for helping me to be able to enjoy my kids again! There is so much more joy and peace in our home, thanks to you! My husband is amazed at the difference. He joked that if our kids were like this we could easily have 10! Thank you again. This has been the most life changing thing we have ever done. - Janette, by email