Here is the first batch of feedback from the petition to remove the natural colour Annatto 160b from Streets food products. 2,333 supporters to date.

See update on feedback in January 2016 after more than 5,000 supporters have signed the petition (including feedback below)

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So many of my clients test up with a reaction to annatto 160b and once eliminated from diet their lives change for the better - Trish (dietitian)

I have a child affected by Annatto 160b and as a dietitian I see many other people affected by this food colour - Jodie (dietitian)

My son would bang his head constantly until I removed this natural colour - Jess

Annatto affects my kids' behaviour. We avoid it at all costs. Why add ANY colouring? Why can't food just be the colour it is supposed to be?! - Kathryn

My child reacts with behavioural issues after 160b - Libby

I have a daughter who reacts badly to annatto 160b. Anger, sleeplessness, slapping her own head repeatedly when angry and not coping: all due to this additive, which is in so, so many food products. Please listen companies, and use alternatives!  - Mel

My child reacts to 160b!!!!! It makes him aggressive and hyperactive. It amazes me that it is still in use when there are known alternatives. Please change!  - Kelly

160b effects children's behaviour and not for the better. How do I know this? Because I have witnessed and a number of occasions now my well behaved daughter turn into a hyper active, defiant and aggressive child within 2 minutes of consuming products within 160b in it - Patricia

A family member is intolerant to 160b. Diagnosed with IBS, Gastro-oesophageal reflux, oesophageal ulceration with associated anaemia from bleeding at 5 yrs and recommended steroids for life. All fixed by removing 160b. This family hasn't had a Streets ice cream in over a decade and a half - Eve

My son reacts to 160b. As a small child he would bang his head on the doormat or concrete floor to get rid of the headache. When we stopped the yoghurt with 160b, the behaviour stopped - Claire.

It causes my son to head bang! - Catherine

My son reacts to 160b - he becomes agitated & loses control etc. We have to avoid any foods that contain it - Julia

I'm signing because 160b makes my daughter aggressive and hyperactive - Rachael

This additive make me very sick and I hate to see children affected by it too -Leigh

I am one of many adults adversely affected by 160b. In fact, I have come close to dying on three occasions due to 160b - Marian

Within minutes of eating 160b my daughter is screaming, yelling and crying and hitting herself in the head. I avoid 160b like the plague - Kalista

I am signing because I cannot live with my children when they are 160b affected. Without that additive they return to human form! - Judy

160B causes me to have post nasal drip as well as insomnia - Carol

160b is an unnecessary food additive. Natural does not always mean good, as in this case with massive headache and irritation a common effect -Kathleen

I have adult children that have reacted to 160b all of their life, nasty additive that adds nothing to the icecream except a headache, bad behaviour and rashes! We have only ever purchased icecream without this additive - Janelye

Annatto sends my kids nuts!!!!! SO I can't buy any products with this in it. Remove so we don't miss out! - Bellinda

Such a nasty natural food colouring and very toxic for many kids, including one of my boys. A tiny amount causes extreme behavioural issues - Schana

My son started headbanging, pinching, punching the same time that I weaned him using a milk and yoghurt mix (as he hated plain milk). I found out many months later that this yoghurt contained annatto 160b - Renee

I have seen first hand what annatto 160b, can do. I am very careful when I shop, look at food labels, with my yellow fedup card. that magnifies everything. My son had some nasty reactions, when he consumed 160b, these included head banging as a baby/toddler. His eyes go glassy, same as when he has consumed artificial colors. Bad headaches as he was older, for myself as the mother migraines from yogurts, also found in plastic cheese, icecream. Another company that needs to remove 160b is Aldi, there were many products a few months ago that contained 160b - Nicole

We have allergies to annatto - Brooke

Both my son and I are allergic to 160b - we swell up and have full body hives. We are constantly having to avoid certain foods because of the unnecessary use of this colouring - Danielle

I am an adult who cannot tolerate 160b in my diet. It causes severe physical pain. The safer alternative should be used to protect children and others who are affected. Personally it took years for me to discover that this was a source of my pain - Bronwyn

160b affects my son. He says it is like a switch flicks in his head and he can't stop - Julie

I have 2 daughters that become violent and angry after consuming 160b - Rebecca

Annatto is one of the main things that I need to keep out of my son's diet, he cannot control his temper when he eats something containing it and is generally cranky and violent - Kristy

I am in my 40's and it took a long time to discover that Annatto 160b is one of the triggers of ibs, sinus and arthritis. It is unnecessary and should be banned - Hilary

I am in my sixties and I react to Annato160b with dreadful hives. Please remove this colouring and therefore increase the range of foods I can eat - Ann

My mother cannot have Annatto 160b because it increases her heart rate, gives her insomnia and makes her feel uptight and agitated - Annette

Both my children have intolerances to food colourings. Annatto I find is the worst!! My son is like a monster when he has Annatto. His behaviour and tantrums are uncontrollable, he bed wets, gets a headache and complains of itchy skin! Stop poisoning our children when there are natural SAFE alternatives - Rachael

My children react badly to 160b. I will not buy any product with 160b. It isn't worth the days of aggressive behaviour - Raelene

Our oldest son born in 1968 was effected by 160b he will be 50 in 2018, is it not amazing that this additive can still when it still has such a detrimental effect on the brain .I believe that FSANZ is there purely to serve the corporations not to protect the consumer - Graeme

Both my daughters have severe reactions to 160b. Both behaviorally and with nasty eczema-like rashes. I want them to be able to eat ice cream without pain! - Zoe

We have lived with the behavioural effects of this additive and it needs to go - Melissa

I'm signing this petition because my son has a total change in his character when he has 160b, and is completely uncontrollable. I do not buy products with 160b in them - Sue

For reasons stated I refuse to use products with child becomes silly and hyperactive...this would save all of those children hose parents are not aware what annatto is doing - Sandra

My Children react to 160b, it makes them angry. We don’t buy *any* products which contain it - Daryl

I'm signing because my children have shown reactions including rashes towards 160b in the past and I avoid products that contain it - I'd rather have a wider range of choices when I shop! - Robyn

My children are effected by an attitude 160b - Melissa

I see my children turn into monsters when they eat 160b - Kristina

I have a grandson who reacts badly to Annatto, his behavior was terrible during the last school Holidays and I have traced it to Annatto. Please remove it from your products - Carol

My emotions go 'all over the ship' when I eat anything with 160b in it. I avoid it like the plague - Julie

My son is intolerant to 160b and for the past 5yrs we have not purchased any products containing this ingredient. It causes severe head banging and behavioural issues - Nicole F

This food colouring always sends my daughter into depression - Nicole J

160b has a terrible effect on me causing insomnia and migraines. I can't buy products with this chemical in it. Please take it out for my sake (and the kids affected too) - Peter

Through the elimination diet we discovered that two of my daughter’s severe eczema was caused by 160B. I've decided, after seeing what it does to those two children, that no one in the family should consume it - Stephanie

We have been avoiding annatto for years as it keeps my husband and 3 children awake and feeling wired for hours if they have it at dinner time - Jessica

Eating foods coloured with annatto 160(b) causes irrational anger and increased impatience in my 35-year-old self, so I'm not surprised that it causes such self-harming behaviour in children. I would love to have a greater variety of dessert products available to myself and my family - Keira

Annatto causes my son to head bang and have night terrors. We do not by streets products currently due to the fact that this colour is used. Please think our your consumers, many whom are children - Lauren

I have seen the effect on my child and it isn't pretty. It's actually cruel to give a child something that makes them so distressed - Annabelle

I'm signing because my kids are hyperactive within minutes of ingesting this color ... it's nasty & unnecessary. Use 160a if you must - Jen

160b is one of the main causes of my colitis, clinically proven at RPA hospital! It is terrible stuff - Kate

My kid eats food with annatto and has insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and extreme behaviour. It's not needed. It's a colour. The food tastes the same - Marney

I've spent many nights in the hospital emergency with my daughter suffering severe breathing difficulty after consuming 160b. I have repeatedly asked to have some sort of medical certificate stating that she has an allergy to the additive 160b only to be told that the tree growing the nut that the colour is derived from does not grow in Australia so they were unable to provide it. I have been met with "crazy lady" looks at every which turn. My son also exhibits behavioural problems after consumption. What are we really exposing our children to in unnatural proportions? All for unnatural aesthetics - Sandra

My daughter has behavioural issues when eating 160b. We will not give her products with this ingredient - Euan

My son gets terrible stomach aches from 160b - Sarah

This additive affects my son’s behaviour - Marie

My child reacts with aggression every time he consumes annatto - Susie

This colouring causes my daughter lots of behavioural problems and it’s hidden in so many products - Nicole

I've seen this effect on my own daughter - & I work in a school and see how children change almost instantly when consuming this additive/colour. So many foods aimed at kids contain this. It's just not necessary and irresponsible to continue its use - Karissa.

Annatto makes me irritable and snappy. It makes all four of my kids aggressive and shouty and nasty to each other. We do not buy any product that has it in, and I believe it should not be used at all- there is no need for it to be added to food - Natalie

My son was also negatively affected by 160b. He had a permanent bruise on his forehead and sleep issues until it was completely removed from his diet - Lisa

My son reacts to this additive with headbanging - Heather

I am not able to eat Annatto 160b - gives me severe upset stomach and hives - Julia

1 Daughter anaphylactic 2 all artificial colours including 160b & other daughter gets asthma & it's in a lot of ice creams & I'd like the girls to b able 2 have more choice & not miss out - Katrina

My 4 yr old daughter reacts with aggression to 160b. So I will never buy products containing it. There are much better alternatives and I let my friends know about them too - Melinda

My children react to 160b with aggressive behaviour, sleeplessness and depression - Jennifer

My child is allergic to 160b and this means we have ONE choice of which product we can buy - Cara

This turns my 3 year old into a head banging crazy mess! Horrible stuff :(  - Annette

This interrupts my 6 year old daughters sleep for several nights in a row. We will not buy streets ice-cream because of this - Amanda

One of my children is affected by annatto. He becomes naughty, doesn't listen or comprehend, goes high as a kite. It is in foods even like some yogurts and cheeses - Kristine.

My daughter reacts to 160b. Thank goodness we worked out what was causing her terrible behavior before she was seriously hurt - Marika

My son reacts badly to annatto. Raised white spots all over his ears patches over his face. Gets extremely confused can’t concentrate on anything and feels very ill - Danielle

I want to be able to feed my 4 children and myself icecream which isn't going to keep us awake all night - Madeline

My 2 daughter had a permanent bruise on her forehead for about 6 months when she started solids from banging her head on walls, her cot, the porcelain tiles, on the floor and head butting me. I was so worried she was doing permanent damage and I asked about it on a mothers’ forum. Someone suggested 160b was the cause and it was in the cheese singles that she ate everyday. I stopped the 160b and it turned off like a tap. The headbanging only began again when she ate something containing 160b. It is banned in my house now! - Anita

My daughter reacts to 160B, at 10 months old she would bounce her head off our tiled floor and was all round violent and aggressive. Even now at 3 1/2 if she starts acting out we look back at what she has eaten and 160b is always the culprit - Jennifer

I’m signing this petition as my 3 children react aggressively when they ingest Annatto (160b) - Alison

I am signing because 160b gives me migraine. Please remove it from all products - Judith

I notice that 160b affects my kids’ behaviour and hence I make a point not to buy them anything that I am aware that has it in - Renae

PLEASE sign the petition