The hardest part about my boy being on this diet is re-training MYSELF on his behaviour. He has turned into this amazing, gentle, calm, loving child but then he will do something silly or naughty and I start to question things but then I have to stop and remind myself that he is 5 and he will have normal 5 year old behaviour and I now have to treat the behaviour like I do the other boys. It's surreal. Instead of extreme naughty/hyper/ agro behaviour with little doses of calm we have extreme calm with small doses of the other behaviour if that even. Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say? - Jaycinta

Facebook reactions:

I actually found it rather heartbreaking that at age 7 I realised that I didn't really know my daughter. She wasn't the child I thought she was. That's an exaggeration obviously, but how sad that she had lived 7 years with people responding to her through the filter of chemically induced behaviour. Turns out she's actually quiet, fairly shy and likes her own company, with moments of crazy kooky kid. It was not natural for her to be constantly the life of the party. And while I did have at least one person suggest maybe she was better the other way, you wouldn't give your shy 7yo mood altering drugs because they were shy. Why would I want to do that to her with glutamates, antioxidants and amines?? - Rachael

My son has just turned 4 and they wanted to diagnose for autism spectrum. I got so tired of hearing people including the doc at one point saying 'he's just being 3!' and 'it's just him adjusting to having a sibling'. We have moved on from failsafe but the diet helped us establish that food was influencing the behaviour. It was wonderful to meet my son again. I feel that I had to grieve the time we lost and just enjoy the boy he was becoming - Lyn

It's even more profound as time goes by and you find the new them....! We are now nearly 3 years since we started FS for my older kids and I can pick in a heartbeat if they have overstepped something food-wise - Kristan

Yes!! It turns out my son is gorgeous and sweet-natured. I had to grieve the 'loss' of his first eighteen months when I just thought he was a bad-tempered difficult kid - Allison

Last word:

Never before would he do what he is doing this morning. He was the first away in my bed and asked me to turn over so he could hug me and fall asleep instead of me having my arm over him. And now he is going around to each brother (3) and hugging them. He hardly interacted with anyone before - Jaycinta