I'm a 57 year old grandpa with a story to share. My wife and I had 3 daughters in the early-mid eighties. The middle one had asthma and hyperactivity. Bounced off the walls and ceiling, annoyed her sisters constantly and it was obvious her mouth couldn't keep up with her thoughts. No sleep, asthma and behaviour problems. ADHD was mentioned but the real problem was the asthma which was exacerbated by the hyperactivity. We purchased a book called the Additive Code Breaker which was aimed at the time at helping to treat asthma by dietary means.

What an eye opener that was. We changed the diet of the whole family to make it easier. We took that book to the supermarket whenever we shopped. I have noted with interest that your lists contain all the artificial colours, flavour enhancers and preservatives we eliminated from our diet. The result was a chronic asthmatic who no longer needed any medication and amazing changes in behaviour. She became a top student, sportswoman, prefect and university grad. We were queried constantly by family and peers but stuck to our plan.

I shed a little tear reading some of the stories on this site. My daughter sent me a link as she is now experiencing similar problems with her four year old and history is about to repeat itself. I wish all the best to everyone taking this path. It is challenging but very rewarding. I have many questions about the marketing done by our major food producers and supplier and their ethics - by email from UK.