Kids and stuttering- I've started to notice when my nearly 5 year old is having a reaction her stutter is terrible then in between times it's almost gone. Is this common? - Renee

I have a daughter that is 11 and the stuttering def escalates when we are not careful with her diet - Michelle

When my son (9) has had an overload... we notice he seems like he has Tourette's syndrome. He repeats words twice, swears like a trucker & comes out with random noises!! Since being on this diet, I've not seen this behaviour - Madonna

My son used to make continual noises over and over - we especially notice it's return when he had antioxidant 320 - Teresa

My son had a severe stutter for 2 years or more, it would get better for a while, then re-appear. When we started the first steps recommended on the fed-up website, his stutter disappeared within a few days and hasn't returned. It's been 7 months now. He's 5 - Marion

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