My daughter ended up with croup and asthma from doing the sulphite challenge and that she also ended up with croup, asthma and a chest infection from doing the lemonade (sodium benzoate 211) challenge. Her behaviour changed so much with the lemonade challenge that her pre-school teacher asked me to stop the challenge on the second day. This still resulted in high behaviour and many other conflicts with anyone she was around, very short fuse amongst other things – reader, Qld

Like story [705] about the amine sensitive man who developed a rash while watching a suspenseful movie, my daughter broke out in a rash all over the other evening after a particularly intense tickling and chasing each other around the house squealing session with her father ...  My eczema also flares up when I'm under stress.  – Cherie, WA

My husband suffers from severe eczema controlled by diet. A couple of months ago he was watching an action movie with Harrison Ford in it. Lots of fighting, guns etc. He doesn't normally watch these sort of movies. By the end of the movie his skin had gone red, weepy and very itchy. Within a half hour of the movie finishing his skin had settled back down. – Robin, Vic

Our little boy was a perfect baby who turned into a terror overnight at about 18 months when we started giving him adult yogurt containing artificial colours. It took a little while for us to figure it out but two days after stopping the yogurt, he became an angel again! We'd managed to figure this out for ourselves but were perplexed when he'd have 'episodes' of difficult behaviour even though we thought we'd eliminated all artificial additives. Your book was a revelation. We are now aware of the not-so-obvious additives and think our little boy has a mild sensitivity to too many salicylates.

My husband and I are also happier, healthier and more relaxed now that we have eliminated additives etc from our lives. I now look back on times in my life when I suffered from insomnia, anxiety and stress and can see that this could have been attributed to my diet of commercial pasta sauce and cheap wine. We are all so much better off now... so thank you so much! – Nikki, NSW

My daughter (now 10) is extremely sensitive to cochineal 120. She develops a rash on her face that extends from under her eyes to around the jaw line. It is a raised, red rash that feels like "sand under the skin". There is noticeable facial swelling also. This occurs within a few minutes of ingestion and lasts for a couple of days. We had great difficulty pinpointing the cause until she had some Breaka strawberry milk. The only thing that could it could have been was the cochineal 120. We confirmed this ourselves by placing 1 drop of cochineal into a drink and she responded with a small amount immediately. An allergist has confirmed that she should avoid this colour. She had a few severe episodes as a young child that involved total head to toe rash and many family photos look like she has a fat face and is sunburned. We now recognize this as a reaction.

We are finding a huge increase in the number of foods that contain 120, many have wording stating no artificial colours. We read labels where at all possible and try to make safer choices otherwise. This is getting increasingly difficult. We try to make our daughter responsible for her diet otherwise she tends to resent the policing of it. Grandparents and friends are struggling with the different labeling also. For example in a particular brand of fruit cup cordial, colours are listed as beta carotene and carmine. I had concerns about the carmine, believing it to be a red colour and found it is another label for cochineal 120.

I have concerns about some colours being labelled by names other than their commonly known ones. It makes reading labels difficult. Friends, relatives and my child read everything before eating and had presumed this one ok. We were very lucky we checked before giving her some. – reader, Qld  (True allergies are reactions to the proteins in foods and intolerances are reactions to the chemicals in foods. Reactions to additives are usually intolerance. However, as the use of natural colours increases, there are increasing reports of true IgE-mediated allergic reactions to natural colours cochineal (120) which is extracted from crushed beetles and annatto(160b) which is extracted from the seedcoat of a tree, due to proteins in the beetles and seeds, see the Annatto factsheet)

I just wanted to say huge thank you for your work (a significant understatement). I saw you at a Canberra talk and our family has been failsafe for 12 months now.  We now have two family members - my husband and my seven-year-old - asthma free thanks to failsafe. My husband was previously a chronic asthmatic and now he has improved so much that he doesn't even need to use a preventer nor does my seven-year-old year old!  My eldest son aged eight is now excelling in school due to failsafe - he previously had all the symptoms of inattentive ADHD - head in the clouds, extremely forgetful, vague and much more. The school teachers have all remarked on his improvement and his school reports reflect the same. The biggest asthma culprits for my husband and seven-year-old year old are 621, 635, sulphites, amines and yellow and red colours.  The culprit for my 8 year old is salicylates.  When we did the RPAH diet and salicylate challenge he fell asleep in the classroom at school and had to be taken home. - Lindy, Canberra (very grateful Mum)

Even though my family is not fully doing the elimination diet I am in the process of reducing the amount of rubbish that my children are consuming, and your information and recipes are helping make a hard job a lot easier.

I was not overly concerned with my children’s health or behaviour, but since we have started reducing the amount of numbers in our diet I have been approached by the teachers to tell me my ten-year-old daughter’s concentration has improved in class and so has my seven-year-old son’s handwriting and ability to sit still in class. Coincidence??? I think not. I am also now more aware of the changes that are occurring after they do consume junk. The teacher in my son’s class was even referring parents to your website at the parent teacher interviews.- Marie, Vic

We started our 1-year-old on the elimination diet, and it has been absolute bliss. He has changed from being an irritable, screaming baby, to a contented playful little boy.  So far we have found that he is very sensitive to salicylates.

For the first ten days of Noah’s life, everything seemed to be all right, but when he was 11 days old I had a bout of mastitis, and that was when his crying - or rather screaming - started. He seemed to be in pain when feeding, pulling away from the breast, arching his back and screaming. He almost never slept, wanting to feed every two hours, sometimes even more frequently. His worst times were from 12am-4am, just screaming constantly. It was impossible to drive with him anywhere as he would cry and scream non-stop in his car seat. The doctors told me it's just colic and he will grow out of it sooner or later. He also had this rash mostly on his back which the doctors said was probably just a heat rash or something, nothing to worry about.

By the time Noah was five months old, I couldn't take his constant screaming anymore, and he still had all the above symptoms. He was reaching his milestones, but wasn't interested in playing on his own. I was carrying him around for most of the day, and even then he was still moaning away. I tried some baby rice cereal, but he would vomit after each feed, so I stopped that. I introduced some other baby food (oats and fruits) which he seemed to tolerate better, but he was still screaming most of the time. Reading a lot on the internet, I came to the conclusion that he might have a food allergy. (This seemed quite logical as I have a 9-year-old daughter who is allergic to numerous things and has anaphylaxis reaction with peanuts).  I eliminated all dairy, egg, wheat, and soy from my diet as well as Noah's. His rash went away in just a few days, and he seemed to be crying a little bit less, but other than that there was no real difference.

When he was six months old I convinced my GP that I needed to see the paediatrician. What a disappointment, the paediatrician told me that I was just imagining things as Noah was looking healthy and growing well. He told me to come back when he was a year old if I still thought there was a concern.  So the next few months we stayed on that ‘homemade elimination diet’ of mine, taking everyday as it came. Noah was not interested in playing with his brother (7) or sister, crying most of the days, and sleeping poorly at night. A few weeks before he turned one I decided to talk to my GP again, tell him I want to see an allergist, because I was more convinced than ever that Noah had some kind of allergy. That was the best thing I could have done. Noah was tested and we found out he is allergic to egg, and the doctor explained to me about food intolerance, which I knew nothing about.

We were put on the elimination diet and within three days we could see the amazing changes in Noah. He was actually playing with his siblings and on his own, not wanting to be picked up the whole time, and sleeping through the night. What a joy it was. We introduced the salicylates first, and by the morning of the second day he was back to his old self. That night he screamed the whole time and for the first time in a long while he pulled away from the breast again. We went back to the basic diet again. It went all right but after a few days he was again irritable. After searching for the problem I came to the conclusion that it was the vanilla in the vanilla soymilk he had been drinking. I cut that out of his diet and things went smoothly again. We seem to be on the right track now. Thanks for the great books, they’re a really big help. – Jeannette, by email

My stepson has suffered from black rings under the eyes, continually stuffed up and asthma attacks since he was a baby. After speaking to you in Brisbane we decided to try A2 milk.

On A2, the rings cleared up straight away, the snorting stopped and after a while we realised there had been no asthma attacks. Then he spent a few months living with us overseas where A2 is not available. However, there is also no fresh milk - all milk is UHT (mainly Pauls). There were no side effects.

On returning to Brisbane for a week's holiday, we were off guard and purchased plain milk. He had 3 small asthma attacks (required ventolin) in the week. He's now back on the UHT again no effects. We don't know why, whether it is the heat process or not, but it definitely is not a figment of our imagination. - by email

I had been giving Cottees Fruit Cup Crush to my 3-yr-old son and 2-yr-old daughter for the past week, knowing I had checked the ingredients and thought it was safe because there were no additive 'numbers' listed in the ingredients list!! I knew it contained a preservative called sodium benzoate, but it wasn't listed as a 'number' and therefore I thought it was harmless. I thought ‘finally something my kids could drink!’

To then realise this morning after reading your article in the Sunday Examiner that sodium benzoate is actually preservative 211. I was horrified! Not only do you have to look for additive numbers, BUT ALSO NAMES!!!!!!!  How can companies do this to us ... knowing WHAT they are doing??? !!!

I am now learning and understanding your outrage at this, and your consequent plea and cry for desperate measures to be taken to reach mums and dads. To reach everyone, everywhere for that matter, because everyday we are being lied to, tricked, conned, call it what you will! But this is impacting my kids and their future!! Even us adults! – Katherine, by email

Thomas was born a very healthy full term baby. A couple of days later he had little red pimples on his face that after two weeks became quite red and covered a quarter of his cheeks, Clinic nurses noted that it was a bad hormonal rash, but it never went away, it only got worse. Thomas was also an irritable baby needing feeding at least every two hours he didn't sleep for any more than 2 hours at a time.

With two other children and hubby to feed, time was precious, so I started whipping up quick casseroles to feed the family. In the casseroles I would put in meat and fresh veg I had in the fridge, and for the flavour we were used to I would throw in a packet of beef & veg cuppa soup and thicken it with Gravox. Things were going from bad to worse. Thomas was covered all over in a red rash. The doctor diagnosed eczema and gave creams for it but it only got worse and infected.

On one particular occasion I remember vividly, I made the casserole for dinner on Friday night, and while having a cuppa and chat next day noticed that Thomas became quite irritable and his little head came out in beads of sweat, which later became a crusty layer. It suddenly dawned on me that this happened every time I made the casserole, I would eat it about 6 pm and by 12-1 pm the next day (18 hours later) this little time bomb would go off in Thomas. The next day Thomas was a ratty all day, his whole body was red and his scalp crusty.

When Thomas was 4 months old we got into a Dermatologist who listened to our story and nearly laughed at us and explained about Cuppa soup (flavour enhancers) and Gravox (salicylates) his words were ‘it's like a time bomb’. We discovered from that trip that Thomas was allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and probably intolerant to the nasty food colourings, preservatives and additives given his reaction to flavour enhancers and salicylates. Although he had never ingested these foods directly, he had got it all through my breast milk. Thomas was weaned onto Neocate Formula then to soy at 12 months of age. He has since developed allergies to soy, all nuts, potato, gluten, house dust, cats, dogs, horses, many grasses and weed pollen. He also suffers from asthma. He now drinks rice milk and is on a strict egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, potato-free, gluten-free low salicylate diet. Now at six years of age Thomas is a healthy active boy despite all this.- by email.

I can't express how elated my entire family was to discover failsafe eating about five years ago. We have all benefited especially my granddaughter Zoe who was around three (and eating lots of bread with 282) at the time and out of control. She screamed most of the time, threw tantrums, tried to hurt her baby sister, threw anything within her reach, was so so angry with the world and wet the bed most nights. My daughter who was a single mum at the time would ring me up in despair and I would go and help her to give her a break. One day Zoe just sat on the floor and screamed and screamed. I asked her what was the matter, why was she so sad and she said she didn't know she just couldn't stop crying.

I was working as a Teacher's Aide Special and I happened to mention Zoe's behaviour to the teacher I was working with and she told me about your book Fed Up. She brought the book in for me to read and it was like a gift from heaven. Zoe's mum started her on the diet straight away and what a new child we had within days. The screaming stopped, the tantrums stopped, the bed wetting stopped and she started to smile and laugh again. A happy little girl at last. She is almost nine now and a most delightful intelligent child who puts all her energy into dancing and singing. However, on occasions when she does eat ‘Cranky food’ she goes off the deep end or ‘cuckoo’ as her sister says. Zoe is now aware of what she can and can't eat. When we went shopping she would carry the list of ‘Avoid these Food Additives’ but now she just remembers them.

I put myself on the diet as well as I was suffering severe hot flushes (see story [679] Menopausal symptoms, hot flushes and failsafe].  ... My entire family believes in Failsafe and we all avoid the nasties and live a healthier happier life. The funny thing is I am like a tester for Zoe: if I react then so does she.

I will just add that my daughter now has a 5-week-old baby boy - she stuck to failsafe while she was pregnant and she is still on it now while she is breast feeding and her little boy is the best baby, feeds and sleeps. - by email

The girls very rarely have marshmallows but tonight I bought a packet of mixed white and artificially coloured pink ones. Older daughter had 4, younger had 3 and they both went right off! My younger daughter started biting again, something she hasn't done for ages and they were both shouting and went stupid. They have settled now, a couple of hours later but I realised they are not ok and threw rest of pack out. I try so hard with everything and then make a silly mistake like that which is very frustrating! - Tania, by email

Regarding my dissatisfaction with Smarties. I've just discovered that the UK smarties are using natural colours rather than artificial colours. I'm just wondering (as a very concerned parent of two small children) why the hell the Australian division of Nestle haven't followed lead WITHOUT relying on complaints from concerned potential buyers. It is the same for quite a few products including jelly. We the consumers shouldn't need to complain before a product is changed.

Nestle, you are a world wide company making profit at the cost of your consumers health.  Isn't it YOUR best interests (including your shareholders pockets) to try to ensure your customers live a LONG and HEALTHY life (so they can buy more of your products of course!)  And the only way to accomplish this profitable long term bottom line is to ensure ALL your products meet the highest of standards to ensure they are as healthy and natural as possible.  Not to mention that it is a marketers dream to have their company turn ‘green’ during the current healthy, green and natural consumer push. – by email

For many years I have had tachycardias, a feeling of being ‘unplugged’ (as if my heart had stopped, blood pressure rapidly falling and I was going ‘out’) and inexplicable cold in my hands and feet like ice even in the summer. And the same thing on my nose. It turns bright red at times for no reason as if the capillaries dilated and it remains that way for a long time - it burns as if it has been held on the stove. Since changing my diet, my nose is normally coloured, I am nice and warm all over and no one has been ‘pulling my plug’.  It seems that food chemicals affect my vascular system and blood flow. – by email

My son started kindergarten this year and was at the principal’s office within weeks. He had stabbed his classmate with a pencil, he had run away on a school excursion, been incredibly rude and obnoxious to teachers and hit other children. He was defiant, easily frustrated, blamed others for everything under the sun, he was aggressive with his siblings and parents, socially he was not improving either.

After the disastrous start to school I picked up your book which I thought was going to just talk about colours and preservatives and could not put it down. It made so much sense and I just had that gut feeling we had found a possible solution. We started failsafe eating almost immediately and we made many errors but finally worked through those. Before the diet he would have avocado, banana and berries in his lunch and he would come home to spinach and tomato lasagne!!

During the diet my son slept and slept and slept. His behaviour improved very slowly but once we were in the third week we noticed a big turn around. One morning he surfaced at 8am, his bed had been made, he was dressed and he was calm, polite and happy.

When he returned to school for term two his teacher and school counsellor were in disbelief. During the whole of term two he did not even once have to go to the time-out beanbag in his classroom. WOW! He has started to make friends and has picked up some awards along the way.- by email

Recently my failsafe 6-year-old son went into hospital to have grommets in and his adenoids removed. Right up until he went into the operating theatre he amazed us with his great behaviour and how he dealt with the whole process. The minute he woke up he was so aggressive, rude, would not co-operate and was back to our little monster again.  We couldn't wait to slink out of the hospital with him and get home. The next day he was still agitated and demanding. Do you think the anaesthetic and medication he received for this procedure could cause these sort of reactions?  I know kids do react to going into hospital etc but the change in him from before and after was so dramatic I just have to wonder if it could affect him. – by email, NSW [General anaesthetics are usually OK but medications before and after the procedure can cause bad side effects. You can discuss this with your anaesthetist beforehand, see the free introduction to Friendly Food on]

On the second day of school, my 12-year-old cut his knee badly exposing the tendons. The doctor said he had to really pump him full of anaesthetic as it was so bad. The effects seemed to really throw him out. Instead of getting physical though as he would have a few years ago, he brought it into himself. He just sobbed his heart out and couldn't talk. He had very bad headaches and the shakes. He slept non-stop for about two days before we started getting him back on track. At school the teacher said that my son had been so happy before but after his accident he turned into into a sullen, seldom speaking young lad. - by email, Qld [Local including dental anaesthetic injections usually contain preservatives that can cause worse problems when injected than consumed by mouth. It is possible to get preservative-free local anaesthetics if you ask - S]

I stumbled upon your web page by accident. I have lived the last 30 years with profound migraine and trigeminal neuralgia. I am on some powerful meds and am trying to put off MVD (microvascular decompression) surgery. My headaches are chronic and have absolutely stolen the best years of my life. I have almost learned to expect and just deal with the incessant pain. But I think I just may have accidentally made an odd discovery. I wanted to lose a few pounds and I decided to do Dr. Atkins Fat Fast for a few days - which is simply cream cheese and nothing else. Within two days my head was pain free. So I am thinking this is very strange: is eating food giving me headaches???  I began to research and came upon histamines. I am amazed as I have never been ‘allergic’ to anything and never had sinus problems. I did note to the doctor that I was certain oranges had triggered migraine attacks - and wine or alcohol and dark chocolate. He told me to stay away from them but never mentioned histamines. I used to have friends … a life ... I have contemplated suicide many times. I have been told to put ice packs on my head. I fantasize about somehow being present at my own autopsy and taking a hammer and beating my own head and face to pieces. Now I think I am on to what might have caused this pain all these years.  – by email, USA [preservative-free cream cheese is one of many failsafe foods - S]

Our son has been progressively more moody and ADHD since 3 yrs-old and we couldn’t understand why. We know now! We were used to wheat, dairy and numbers sensitivities and have worked with them in our family for years. Plenty of healthy foods. We had no idea about salicylates or amines and have had to shift from a diet abundant previously in fruits and veggies.

We haven’t done well with elimination - most weekends since we started we have either been travelling or having birthday parties and have mucked up the diet - and even so we have seen great changes in our son. He has become quite the sleuth in reading labels and monitoring other children’s lunches. He has been very compliant. Better than my husband who we’ve seen great changes in too.

My husband is a naturopath and worked a lot with sensitivities and this has unfolded a whole new awareness and interest for him He has definitely seen proof in the salicylate/amine/number free pudding!!! My daughter’s eczema is much better too than on the previous wheat and dairy free approach. My husband would like to incorporate this awareness into his work with clients and we shall get the DVD to show clients and family and friends. – by email

I have been in practice as a naturopath for 22 years. Your failsafe information has completely revolutionised the way I look at food and how it affects children and adults. Gone are all my old elimination diets and theories, I work purely with chemicals, natural or otherwise, in the diet. Thanks for all the support and your great website and books, they give my patients an instant network to hook into when they are not with me. – by email

I just wanted to let you know that some people with salicylate sensitivity do not just react to NSAIDS. Cox2 inhibitors such as Celebrex can also be a concern in 5-10 per cent of people. I fall into this group and I am unable to take any prescription anti-inflammatories apart from prednisolone. Fish oil (if tolerated in high doses) is an excellent alternative for me and thought your readers may benefit from this. It was known that I had reactions to NSAIDS and aspirin yet when I was trialled on Cox 2 no mention was made that there could be a possible cross reaction (  I was basically told that I was unusual without any explanation other than for me to try others would be life threatening. If it helps one other person to know that this is possible then what I went through is worth it. – by email, Vic

(For more about fish oil supplements - the writer of this email does not react to amines and is using Blackmores fish oil)

I noticed that I have a dramatic reaction to diet coke. If I drink it, I get depressed and mood swings within 24 hours. So what we thought was emotion due to having bubs, was really the diet coke I was drinking as a pick-me-up due to lack of sleep. The challenge was eye opening.  I did a benzoate challenge and was fine. I did another challenge with Diet Coke and the mood change is profound. The next day I was depressed, despondent and my husband said it was like turning off a light. – by email

I've recently noticed that I get really grumpy when taking a certain brand of super strength fish oil capsules. I started thinking I was suffering from post natal depression as I could feel the anger start inside me and build really fast and grow bigger. A bit hard to describe but I had never had this feeling before. I forgot to take them for a while which is what made me realise it was the capsules.  - Carole, by email

(see our Supplements factsheet for similar reports)

I put myself on the diet five years ago as I was suffering severe hot flushes, was continually tired, felt sick most times after I ate, felt fuzzy in the head, got cranky for no reason and did not sleep well at all. My life changed - I now sleep well, I am not tired all the time, the hot flushes stopped, my head is clear and I very rarely get sick. If I have a lousy day or night I can always trace it back to something I have eaten the day before or two or three days before. The worst offenders are additives and salicylates. I have always been a big fruit eater especially watermelon, and it has been one of the hardest things to give up, however if I do binge on fruits high in salicylates especially watermelon I pay for it with hot flushes and a sleepless night. I also get hot flushes if I eat chicken that is not organic which I avoid at all costs now.

I see a lot of women I work with suffering with menopausal symptoms and I think myself extremely lucky that I found and was prepared to give failsafe eating a try. Unfortunately you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. These women as many other people I talk to don't believe it could be that simple and are not prepared to give it a go, silly them. - by email

We have seen some huge improvements in my 6-year-old son’s nocturnal eneuresis. He had not had any dry nights since he was 3 years old.  After making the changes below he started to have some dry nights (3-4 a week). Now he has been dry for the last 9 nights.

•     we have started him on A2 milk

•     we used to have a jug of diluted orange juice in the fridge, now the kids drink mainly water with the occasional magic cordial.

•     he was eating broccoli almost every night and we have not had any for 4 weeks now

•     I have been more diligent in not buying any products with preservative 282 in it

•     generally more aware of products full of additives, colours and preservatives since hearing you speak and reading your books

•     our son did love to eat salami and ham (deli), so he has not had this for 4 weeks.

His bladder capacity is so much bigger and he can hold on for longer in the day. His mood swings are virtually resolved and you can reason with him if he is wanting something that is not appropriate, food or otherwise. My husband and I can both see that he is more confident in himself and sociable, making him a lovely child to be around. He usually has redipred once or twice in winter for exacerbation of asthma symptoms, but so far has not required any this winter, despite having a cold last week, so that is looking positive. Thank you for motivating me to review what I was putting in my family’s mouths. We don't have access to fast foods living in the country, so that was never an issue. With a few simple changes to my son's diet, the improvements have been remarkable. The whole family is now reaping the benefit of these changes and so will continue to be more aware of what is in the food that we are eating. Thanks again for your passion and drive. – Paula, NSW

We have been on failsafe eating for just over 2 weeks. I am already starting to notice an improvement in my 6-year-old’s behaviour and picking up on certain foods that send him off the wall. I attended school last Friday with him for a picnic lunch and had to ring my husband to tell him how great our son was and it was actually a pleasure to be there with him. It is like I have my beautiful boy back again. I noticed he has been laughing at things on the tv which I haven't heard for a long time. Even his older brothers have said they thought he has been better.

By the way my 14-year-old son who thought it was all a conspiracy theory between mothers to get their kids off junk food came home from school and said ‘mum I know I didn't believe you but I actually had the best day at school today, I felt happy I could concentrate and had heaps of energy, maybe there is something to this eating programme’, and that's from my cruisy easy going child. – Maria, NSW

I just wanted to tell you about the startling difference we have seen in my son since removing salicylates. He is now 18 months old and the difference is profound - removing apple alone reduced nearly all of his night wakings, and removing avocado and corn as well has stopped his moodiness, screaming and irritability. His reflux is more under control and he no longer screams during the day and most especially at night. If he does we know it means either he or I have eaten something we shouldn’t by accident. I’ve also determined that he reacts to a lot of additives as well. 160b produces aggressiveness, defiance and screaming within 24 hours. I now have a really happy well behaved little boy. I was pushed to control cry my son due to his poor sleeping, but I knew something deeper was wrong. I'm SO glad I went with my gut instinct that it was food related. – Taryn, Vic

We have a six-year-old son with life-threatening multiple food allergies to nuts, dairy, sesame and egg.

We are concerned about the lack of allergy awareness in our state. While peanut bans initially sound like a positive move they are actually not recommended by ASCIA as they set up a false sense of security. It may only take 1/2000th of a peanut to kill. It takes up a huge amount of our time with phone calls and food label reading to try and establish what foods contain traces of nuts - and in our case other allergens. The ban is impossible to enforce, puts other parents offside, some parents and teaching staff refuse to adhere to the bans and it overshadows other allergens which are growing in number and severity like dairy or egg.

The most common allergens vary from country to country and city to city. For instance in Sydney the most common and deadly allergen amongst young children is egg. Unfortunately our child is not going to school at this stage as our local school’s idea of protecting our child from an anaphylactic reaction was to stick up a nut-free zone sign. This is cheap and an easy solution.

Rather than bans, we'd like to concentrate more on students being encouraged not to share food and to wash hands after eating. We hope these preventative measures would eliminate the needfor the next step of using the epipen, but of course we would also require teachers to be knowledgeable in this area and be comfortable in using an epipen - something that was not in place at our school.

Some big changes in NSW and VIC occurred after deaths from anaphylaxis at schools. Luckily deaths have not occurred in our state yet and hopefully they will make the necessary improvements shortly and not wait for a death to occur before they do. – Geoff, by email

(To see Geoff’s suggestions – a letter sent home to parents and an allergy awareness page - note that nut bans are encouraged in childcare centres where children are too young to understand)


•     We have been failsafe for two weeks and my shopping bill has gone down by about $100 per week with no junk or frozen convenience food anymore. – Maria, NSW
•     I wanted to try the elimination diet for my stepsons but they go to stay with their mother every second weekend and she would not support such a diet (she gives them cordial now, just because I have said to the boys they shouldn't have it) - by email
•     I enjoyed your recent presentation. I took my mother along who until that night could not believe that I was not allowing my son to eat fruits and vegetables, which are all good for you!!!  Now she asks what he is allowed and we are achieving so much. –Sandra, Qld
•     My 8-year-old son has improved so much in the past month (additive-free) and is so much calmer that my husband thought he must be ill, because he never sits around so calmly usually! – Julie, by email
•     I think your book is fantastic and should be on the six o'clock news, especially for all those poor parents who don't know what is wrong with their children! – Joanne, NSW
•     I just purchased your updated cookbook and I am having a ball with it. I made my husband the custard (he loves custard and buys commercial custard) and he had to admit it was pretty good. -  by email
•     I have a 24-year-old son who had ADHD and could not believe the change in him when we controlled the colourings in his diet - FRUIT LOOPS should be banned. – Carol, by email
•     I have changed to A2 milk and no longer get any 'bloating' which pleases me greatly. - Jane, by email
•     Thanks for your comprehensive and life-saving website! – Rita, by email
•     Being failsafe has given us the power to question so much more now about what our kids eat and what medication they take. – by email
•     We started our 1-year-old on the elimination diet, and it has been an absolute bliss. He changed from being an irritable, screaming baby, to a content playful little boy. - Jeanette, by email (see full story [651])
•     Watching your DVD was like sitting in a dark room and having someone open the blinds to the let the sun shine in’ - Carmel, by email.

•     Our daughter was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two. I could not understand how we could eat an incredible diet, mainly organic, loads of fruit, vegetables and wonderful food, and she would cough and wheeze all night. Since I found your books our lives have changed. It turns out our daughter (now four) reacts to salicylates, anything artificial, and smaller reactions to amines - Naomi, NSW.
•     We can totally relate to the Prickly Princess in Sue's latest book (which by the way is FANTASTIC) - Julie, by email.
•     My boys can now play like the other kids without getting asthma - thanks to you - by email.
•     My son hasn’t been hospitalised with asthma since we started failsafe two years ago but I have just found out that his urticaria can be caused by food, especially annatto as he accidentally ate quite a bit at vacation care over the school holidays - email, NSW.
•     Preservatives seem to be responsible for my son’s megatantrums. Before I was aware of the impact of preservatives, he was having two or three screaming tantrums per day. Now we are failsafe, I have noticed his reactions are around 24 hours later - by email.
•     Our son is coming ahead in leaps and bounds with his school work since going failsafe. It also makes a huge difference if the teachers tell you he can't see and hear properly - glasses and grommets being inserted do wonders as well as the diet has - not just labelling the child as "Difficult" which is what was happening – by email.

We have gone failsafe before but I never managed to get to get to the bottom of the problem for my son’s asthma/allergic rhinitis. I knew it was food, and suspected colours and preservatives. The dietitian you recommended was very good and we had good results with the elimination diet. Because of the asthma she wouldn't challenge MSG, preservatives or colours. It turns out our son started to wheeze about day 6 of the salicylate challenge. After two days of the amine challenge we gave up because he was so ANGRY (but not wheezing). Since then we have been to an allergist and discovered he is allergic to dust mites, some grass pollens and horse hair (we knew this one). We know we can minimise his symptoms and reactions to these allergens by keeping his diet failsafe, and are considering the de-sensitization path for at least the dust mites – email, Vic.

Just wanted to email you to let you know how helpful I found your book, Fed Up.  I recommend it to all my friends. My son was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago now and we have always had major problems with him every single year around Easter time. He is now 11 years old and we have known for a few years now that chocolate and food colouring effect his behaviour dramatically.  It doesn't matter how many times you tell people please don't give him, lollies or chocolate, they just don't get it.  He went to his friend’s house yesterday, was very irritable last night and has totally lost control today. I begged him to tell me what he has eaten and he said he ate 4 medium sized Easter Eggs.

I think it is a real pity that other people and schools don't take these food additives seriously. He is a joy but a handful on the best of days. I constantly refer to your book and he has pulled it out of the bookshelf today to make some homemade butterscotch.

He is a prime example of how food effects children and I can guarantee everytime he has food colouring or chocolate that we will have a raging bull on our hands the next day - Suzanne, email.

I just thought I’d tell you that although my cardiologist never questioned my diet, after two hospitalizations in emergency for ventricular arrhythmia, and nearly two years of fearing for my life, feeling my heart jumping all over the place, and being miserable, I finally linked a very bad episode to a wedding and consumption of red wine, and then to the foods in my cupboard. Since eliminating sulphites, I have had NO problems. None of the medication I was given worked, (medication rarely does for arrhythmia). I wonder why didn’t anyone mention this, not when I went to the doctor, not when I was in hospital fearing I was going to die. I’ve tested this three times, having been ‘arrythmia free’ for months, and then drunk champagne or wine, eaten foods (everything you would normally eat and drink at a function) and each time, 4 to six hours after, my heart goes crazy and I can’t sleep for the whole night. It’s like I’m ‘buzzing’ and restless, with my heart banging around. This is the honest truth, I have no symptoms, and I’m medication free, and even felt so good I’ve got back into exercise without fear of dropping dead! It’s been six months (since the wedding that triggered the biggest attack ever, and the linking to red wine), that I’ve been 220 free, and free of symptoms (apart from the three ‘tests’ which were one night tests). The link was obviously cumulative, the more 220 over the day the worse the problem that night and the next days.  Alcohol with 220 is a big trigger - so much for drinking red wine every night for your health! My normal diet was toxic, I was eating Vegemite, sun-dried tomatoes, dips, fruit juice cordial, I ate cereal with dried fruit (and 220) every morning, and sauces (it’s in everything) and consumed dried fruit as snacks, thinking it was ‘good for me’. Only asthma is mentioned on the official government additive information site, but this is a message I wish could get out, so others could at least try it, as it won’t cause harm to avoid this preservative - Michiko, WA (has anyone else experienced a problem like this with sulphites? - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

I know I am sensitive to preservative 220 (sulphur dioxide), but a few months ago I ate a slice of fruit cake (which I love). As soon as I ate it, my throat felt as if it went down the "wrong" hole and my throat seemed to close a bit. I ended up with a sore throat, cold like symptoms; runny eyes, blocked nose and sinuses, persistent cough, mucus and my ears kept blocking. Oh my face broke out too. This lasted for a week. Recently, I ate a fruit mince pie. The first one tasted great so the next day I had to have another one. Now I am suffering. I have the same symptoms as above and it's been nearly a week. I said to my hubby it was a reaction from 220 but (being the expert he is) won't believe me. I've scanned the internet to see if it's common - to prove a point - but with no luck. Does anyone else have a reaction like this to 220?’

And a reply: I'm responding to an email in the newsletter ("Can you help?" - March 2008) regarding preservative 220. I've had the exact same reaction to eating fruit cake, and also reacted to sulphur-containing eye drops. The first time I reacted my throat felt swollen and closed a bit; the second time I ate quite a bit of fruit cake and my throat closed a lot - felt as if I couldn't breathe. This was followed by sore throat/"cold" symptoms lasting a few days. I haven't pin-pointed it to 220 as I haven't re-tested.

Richie's original story ([402] March 2006) described how limiting his intake of preservatives and sulphite containing foods such as mince meat, prawns, pizza, processed meats etc had helped him with breathing problems he’d suffered for over 20 years.

His update in April 2008 reads: You probably get many emails of thanks and I have sent one or two previously but what the hell, I'm going to send you another one just to let you know how much my life has improved since taking your advice. I thank you with every positive emotion I have for who you are, what you stand for and for changing my life. I have no more breathing difficulties, no more sleep problems, no more anxiety and all this leads to no more stress. No money can buy this. I have been educating the people in my life on how damaging additives, preservatives, sulphites etc. are and sent links to your site to everyone in my address book - Richie, Vic.

My son had been diagnosed with ADHD last year but I have refused medication. After picking him up from school early again, I thought I may have no option but to consider medication as a serious option. I google searched and your book popped up and from the afternoon I started my kids on the diet. Amazingly the results were seen the next day when my son actually completed a test at school (and received 100%). He never would sit at a desk long enough to even start a test let alone ace one. His teacher asked what had I done to my son because she never had seen him so engaged in the classroom. I purchased the book the next weekend and started to try to learn more about the options available. It is difficult and easy at the same time, and well worth it. Today my children had a treat (slice of non-failsafe shop-purchased cake) and I could see the adverse effects almost immediately, I know I have to continue with the diet if my children (especially my son) are to succeed and I believe I am lucky I found failsafe - Victoria, ACT.

A few days ago I had the most wonderful son all day. Just a little mild irritability, nothing major in the morning and evening and then the most delightful child.  He was fun, and calm and for the first time I have ever observed, patient.  He was keen to learn, and produced interesting drawings. He was working quietly (yes quietly) on a computer game, and managed to persevere with a difficult problem without giving up after the first or second attempt screaming. He was considerate rather than demanding.  I asked him if he liked how he felt and he did. I told him that the new food he was eating was helping stop his tantrums.  He said I was very clever for figuring out that food was the problem and that he didn’t like having tantrums. My son was such a joy that it was like someone had given me a different child in my son’s body.  For the first time, I enjoyed being a mother and loved spending time with him - Miranda, Qld.

I have been so inspired by Failsafe, I feel like I have a different child from the utter brat five weeks ago. My seven year-old had got to the point of having no friends, was to be suspended from school, was continually at the principal’s office, hitting and biting both parents etc. I had numerous meetings with his teacher, he was seeing the school counsellor, psychologists, psychiatrists, social skills training, but no change was occurring. My husband and I were in constant disagreement with him and each other over his behaviour. This is the 5th week he has been on the diet, and he is becoming the lovely child I always knew he could be. He's affectionate, quietly spoken, well behaved and non-violent. Games and toys which were banned due to his anger have been given back to him, he's keen to converse and work hard at school. He has stated that he doesn't hear the voices telling him to be bad any more, and his eyes are clear and focused. Best of all, he has fully embraced the diet, mainly as it consists of many of his favourite foods - pikelets, french toast, pancakes, white chocolate  and vanilla icecream. Knowing that he was allowed to have these on his diet was a great selling point.  He will check if he is allowed to have something and is happy if the answer is 'no'. I try to offer alternatives to him, to keep him happy and to show him that it's not a punishment to be on the diet, that there are alternatives. He had an outing with his father last weekend, and said that he had Macdonalds, and enjoyed the look of horror on my face, only to tell me he was joking. He's even helping me to cook his favourites - Merrill, by email.

My 9 year-old daughter has a severe reaction to flavour enhancer 635. The first time she came into contact with this additive was eating BBQ flavoured rice crackers. At the time she was 6 years old. She ate four crackers and complained that her tongue was feeling all 'tingly'. I advised her to stop eating the crackers. Her taste buds had swollen to around four times their normal size. I allowed her just a few crackers a few days later to see if she had a similar reaction which she did (thankfully it didn't affect her throat but I did warn her to let me know if she got breathless etc). I then banned anything to be brought into the house with this additive number. We then tried cheese-flavoured crackers - no 635 but did contain 631 and 627. Again the same reaction. I have since learnt from your website that these two additives make up the combination known as 635.

I now carefully check all labels and have advised anyone else who may be feeding my child (birthday parties included) that this is a major issue with her. I am just very grateful that I didn't need to seek outside medical advice as I know not all doctors, hospitals etc will accept this verdict. I have tried her a few more times on these additives and we always have the same result. I always ensure that we have a Ventolin puffer and antihistamines handy before trying these foods. After having these additives she feels terrible for the next two days - feels sick in the stomach, headaches, occasionally also feels ‘shaky on the inside’. She had a similar reaction to a Pluto Pup (battered sausage on a stick) but I couldn't get an ingredient list. I only assume that the additives were in the food - by email, Qld [For anyone with symptoms like this, I recommend total avoidance of 627, 631 and 635 as some people have progressed from symptoms like this to life-threatening anaphylactoid reactions  S]

After only 2 weeks of making a thin edge of the wedge start on failsafe, we are seeing drastic improvements in our 4.5yr son, 2.75 son and 1yr old daughter, and me too. No rages, no nightmares, easy to bed, sleeping all night till a reasonable time and no 5pm meltdowns. My mother visited for the first time in about seven weeks – she is interstate - and couldn't believe her eyes. The conflict between the boys - normal! - is short lived and resolved mostly unassisted and she said that she thought they were great kids who simply got tired and a-copic (my son, 4.5 - he is so articulate - would sometimes scream 'I don't know why I am upset, I have run out of coping today.') in the late afternoon. Now we know that a fabulous salicylate platter - I mean fruit platter! - every afternoon was just stacking the deck against them. My 3pm to 7pm is now very nice indeed and at 7.05 my husband and I look at each other with all 3 of them asleep in bed and can't quite believe that the house is silent. Thank you for battling to make this information accessible to us all. We are grateful - Becc, NSW.

I started failsafe eating a week ago in absolute desperation with my 14 year-old son who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at the age of 6 years old. He progressed well on medication until we had a car accident last year and he suffered minor brain damage. After the accident his behaviour became worse and he has attempted suicide several times. Last Wednesday I took him to hospital for sedation after he broke windows and several holes in the wall with his head. Thursday morning I searched the net for a solution and came across your website. I started the diet that day. Today I have a son who obeys, talks to you face to face, calmer, quieter, he smiles and has got himself a job part time which he loves. If he is offered food at work he says no and takes his own or waits until he gets home.

One week later ... Today is day 15 and he is still going great. We have just had the best school holidays with our two sons playing instead of fighting physically and verbally. At work, his boss doesn't even know he has ADHD and ODD. He did eat a piece of chicken at work and advised me his brain felt funny and would not eat anything that is not on the list. I'm glad he tried something off the list in moderation and noticed the difference. Your Failsafe Cookbook has been a great help and I do not leave the house without the list of basic foods and list of additives. I call this my bible. Not only has his behaviour changed but also his stomach pains and migraines are a thing of the past. The television has gone from a volume of 60 to 15. Thank you for your website that changed our lives and made my teenager happier. The difference has been unbelievable. - Janelle, Qld.

I have done an extensive amount of research about the various fish oils available and found Xtend-Life from New Zealand to be very forthcoming with information about their product when emailed queries. We have tried it with the three children and myself (all amine, salicylate, lactose, and everything artificial responders) and found it to be fine (although I can’t say I noticed any benefits, I certainly didn’t notice any deterioration either). It is only available directly from them, not through stores. The website is as follows: [we welcome feedback]

My daughter was taking fish oil capsules prescribed by our homeopath (and yes, I have taken notice of your comments in the Checklist of Common Mistakes about homeopathics possibly causing more problems, just what I didn't need to hear) and within days she became an insomniac!  It took us several weeks to come up with the connection and as soon as we stopped them, sleep returned to normal.

•     My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when she was three. By the time she went to school, at five, she was crippled with it. She's now 25. Three weeks after she started her elimination diet, she told me: ‘Mum, the pain's gone. For the first time in 23 years, I have no pain’. - by email, NT
•     My mother, grandmother and aunt all have arthritis. I've been failsafe for six years and I'm pretty sure if I wasn't failsafe I would have arthritis too, because I can notice my hands get stiff if I break my diet and eat too many salicylates. - by email, NT
•     My 8 year old daughter has rheumatoid arthritis. It's hard to believe, after three weeks on failsafe foods, she is free of pain for the first time in years. - by email, NT

The most remarkable story comes from Bernard in Wollongong. Now active and virtually arthritis-free, Bernard suffered from painful and crippling arthritis for nearly 30 years. In 1994, he was told that if his arthritis was not controlled by daily use of medication, he had 'only four or five years of active life left'. After extensive reading, Bernard opted to try an elimination diet against the recommendation of his specialist, and achieved remarkable results. He warns that arthritis sufferers may need extra time. Bernard wrote:

'If you think that the time span of the food effects on children and their behaviour is long you should try solving the rheumatic and inflammatory disease problem. You are looking at an abstinence time of up to 12 weeks before challenges, symptoms that could take more than a week to identify, and challenges that could take four months or more to complete. I am still improving after eight and a half years on low chemical foods. NOTHING will make me eat the foods I once loved so much.' ...

When Bernard challenged salicylates, on the morning of the eighth day he found his arthritis had returned with such a vengeance that it took him an hour to get out of bed. Artificial food colouring took two days to aggravate his arthritis.

After so many years of needless pain and suffering it is not surprising that Bernard and others like him feel angry about misinformation from experts. When a well-known Australian nutritionist wrote that there is no truth in the rumour that people with arthritis should not eat tomatoes, Bernard added his own comment: 'like hell there isn't!'

You can read about the effects of additives and natural chemicals in fruit and vegetables in Bernard's ‘My life with arthritis’ story: ‘I have suffered with the pain and swelling of arthritis in my arms, hands, neck, back, legs and feet for almost half of my adult life. At times my condition was so bad that I was only able to walk about 50 metres without a rest. The constant pain I suffered was unbearable ... ‘ see this entire amazing story at's%20arthritis%20story.pdf 

UPDATE 2019 at the age of 84: My wife and I are doing fine we think, and thanks to being basically failsafe for nearly 23 years … I  now have had 23 years virtually without pain.

I began the elimination diet after reading Fed Up with Asthma [now out of print, the asthma information from this book has been incorporated into the 2008 edition of Fed Up]. I was pregnant with our second child. My first pregnancy was fraught with pain from aching joints, hips especially, from which I d never suffered before. The pain was very great and continued after childbirth, though not troubling me much, just now and then. My joint movement continued to be impaired. In this pregnancy the pain began in the first trimester, whereas it had begun late in the previous pregnancy. I suffered much sleeplessness and worried how I would last 9 months like this. After 2-3 weeks on the diet (dairy and gluten-free as well) I no longer needed ventolin at all, just one puff daily of my preventer (I'd been using ventolin up to 8 times daily with little effect and 4 puffs of the preventer). Also, no joint pain at all, and the return of a normal range of joint motion. - Elizabeth, by email

My arthritis started after a car accident at the age of 19, also ringing in the ears. The arthritis was to the point where I would soak my hands in hot water each morning to get them ok to work. Both my arthritis and ringing in the ears disappeared totally on failsafe, it was incredible. Four years on, it remains largely stable, is clearly affected by mainly salicylates and sulphites and to a lesser extent amines and MSG. Medication was generally ineffective. - by email, Qld

From the age of 15 I slowly became more and more tired and foggy headed. Gradually I found it impossible to walk to school anymore, and regularly got 12 hours of sleep or more a night. I found out a few years ago that gluten does awful things to my energy levels and brain function, I wish I had known that when I was at school as I'm sure it held me back. In the last two months I was put on a rotation diet where I had to eat a huge variety of fruit and vegetables but could only have each every fifth day. I have NEVER felt so foggy headed, had such blurry vision or had such awful joint pains. All from eating loads of fruit and veg. Consequently, I have high hopes for Failsafe!

Keep up the absolutely fantastic work, you will be vindicated and become a mythical hero in the future (she-who-fought-the-beast-before-we-even-knew-it-was-there) ;-) – Roman, by email

My friend’s son who had suffered for years with fierce rashes on his body is now completely free of sores. I am totally in awe of your program, you are saving many children from a life of misery. – by email

Attention to preservatives and colours, particularly in sweets, like Neapolitan ice cream, jelly and flavoured milk has resolved my son’s bedwetting problem. – reader, NSW

The diet really isn't as bad as we first thought, now we know how much it helps. I've just come home from carols by candlelight at my new school, it was brilliant, but you should have seen all the red ‘Christmas’ food they were selling - I hate to think what the kids will be like tomorrow. Most of them were misbehaved and cranky on Friday. We weren't though. – Anita, aged 10.

We have managed our daughter's salicylate and amine sensitivity with failsafe eating for almost seven years now and are happy to report that her problems with salicylates are now much reduced, although amines are still a problem for her. (They tend to give her stomach pains and mood swings). She is now able to concentrate at school and has a circle of friends. We would like to thank you for your work and we are pleased that we never had to resort to medication for a girl
who could easily have been diagnosed as ADHD. – Gabrielle, Vic

We have been eating failsafe for nearly a year now. Our daughter is both amine and salicylate sensitive. Although we don’t always have things perfectly controlled, our lives are infinitely better. The improvements we have seen has meant my daughter and I could salvage our relationship which I had feared was being permanently, irreparably damaged. We now see the loving, compliant, creative, intelligent person that was trapped for so long. - Sally, by email

The paediatrician gave me your web address and I am so grateful. We have six children and I am amazed at the difference in all of them in the three weeks that we have been doing the failsafe booklet - I have even helped my husband and myself and my baby with problems I have no idea were food related. I borrowed Fed Up with ADHD from the library. It is like reading about my own children. - Sue, Qld

I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my family with our food-related illnesses. I feel like I finally understand the roller coaster that I have been on since a terrible case of food poisoning in 2000. Your book The Failsafe Cookbook is helping all of us be a happier and healthier family. My 2 year old is finally sleeping through the night and my husband is elated to have me ‘back to normal.’  Carolyn, NZ

I simply wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for your work. I have read and watched your website and interviews/DVD and find everything you say to be completely common sense. In fact, today on Christmas day I had my 74 year old Dad sit down and watch your DVD, so he can appreciate why we live and eat the way we do - and to help him see why we avoid treats like the ones so often given. I was raised on a dozen of soft drink, chips, meat and three veg and chocolate!!

We are very conscious of what food we eat, have an organic food box delivered weekly, and minimise the consumption of nasty foods to parties and the like for people who know no different (and aren’t about to listen!!).

We realise that our children behave differently when they have certain foods (mostly manic crazy behaviour and a complete lack of ability to listen or focus, lots of running around, shouting, and animated hand movements) but find it so hard to eliminate it completely from the homes of others. Luckily many of our friends eat in the same way as we do.

I wanted to tell you a little story about our oldest son. He is four this coming March and I asked him ‘Do you know what McDonald’s is, mate?’

‘Yes’ he said and laughed at me and told me that I was a duffa for not knowing. ‘It’s old McDonald had a farm!!!’

He is yet to go to the Golden Arches for anything more than a water at the drive through and has no idea of the marketing pull those companies have, as we avoid mainstream TV and instead have some quiet time every now and then with chosen DVDs appropriate for their age.  We are so lucky to have such wise little people in our lives, who are happy being nurtured on fresh whole foods (as they know nothing else!) Thank you for helping us feel safe and happy in our decisions, and to know that we can happily be different based on solid scientific evidence that we are doing a great thing for our children. – Donna, Vic

I have four children: two adult children, and two under the age of 5 years.  My adult children muddled along in the world, not knowing much about all the bad things in particular foods.  However, looking back I can see they too would have benefited from this way of life.

My youngest two though, have multiple intolerances. It is just amazing to watch. Because I had a 17 years gap between my children, I have seen first hand the difference between the years. What I grew up with was home cooked things. My adult children had combination of home and 'very occasional' takeaways. However, my youngest children, both know all the main take out places ie Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc. It shows the difference in how we live now.

I have started on three separate occasions with the elimination diet with success each time. It has only been through inconvenience that each time I have gradually allowed the bad items to creep back in to their diet. Once it gets crazy around home again I realise I must stick to what I know they can and can't have!

This time around, both children and one granddaughter have been ‘detoxing’ for fours days, and the improvement is out of sight yet again. I actually had a peaceful drive for 15 minutes yesterday. Usually I am repeatedly telling them to stop the unruly behaviour, the silly noises, the repetitiveness, the fighting, the whining etc and the list goes on. Yesterday I had to look in the mirror to see if they were asleep!  How nice.

I just want to thank you so much for showing an interest in not only what was happening in your own family, but to extend that and show all who want to listen that what is happening to our children (and us) is not normal. That we can help what is happening to our bodies. – Cathryn, Tas

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