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Asthma - Shame on you, FSANZ!


Australia has the highest asthma prevalence in the world for adults (1).  

For children, Australia and New Zealand are in the top 4 countries in the world (2).  

Research shows the prevalence of diagnosed asthma in Australian primary school children increased massively for a decade, then decreased slightly (3).

Year       Asthma prevalence

1982         9.1%
1992       38.3%
2002       31.0%

What is going on?

Researchers can’t explain these changes - but the answer is obvious to us: asthma prevalence is strongly linked to the levels of sulphite preservatives (220-228) and other nasty additives in our food supply (4 -7)!

An Australian diet study (4) found 66% of asthmatic children reacted to sulphite preservatives. These additives increased massively during the last two decades of the twentieth century, and started decreasing just a little when our food regulator FSANZ - on recommendations from the World Health Organisation – started monitoring and reducing mostly illegal sulphite levels (8). See more about illegal sulphite use

These are some products that contain sulphites, shown in Ingredients Panel as 220, 221, 222, 223 or sometimes as metabulphite (often called 'meta').

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Reader reports

“I've had chronic asthma for 40 years … 3 months failsafe I'm so so much better“ – Ruth from story [1301]

I kicked my asthma - off all medications … We are still doing the diet 11 years later with some foods brought back in …” - Tracy from story [1301]

“I'm asthmatic... and have been drug free since we eliminated the nasties from my kids diets. First time no drugs in 30 years!” - Cristi from story [1298]

I cut out additives ie preservatives, colours and flavours, as a way of managing my daughter’s asthma" – Kate from story [1211]

After just a few days of the diet we were amazed … that my husband's asthma had dramatically improved" - Kelley from story [1110]

My asthma has gone since we started the diet ….” – from story [1073]

“I suffered terribly from additive-induced asthma from the age of 10. It took a couple of decades to realise that artificial food additives were THE cause of my condition ... I have gone from 20 puffs a day to not touching Ventolin or any medication for over a year now” - Mark, story [524] and [1080]

“I could never drink wine because it always left me with a heavy chest, flushing and I would feel every breath was an effort …. (in 20 years!) I never linked the asthma to the sulphites … I know now the worst foods for me are sausages…, wine, cold meats, certain mueslis with dried fruit. I have eliminated all sulphites from my diet for the last 8 months …  I am now off my asthma preventer and feel great …” - Yvette, from story [685]

What to do?

Researchers found that many families of asthmatic children are unlikely to stick to a sulphite-free diet (4). We can understand that. These additives are in so many foods that they are extremely hard to avoid. While parents of difficult children can be desperate enough to make heroic efforts avoiding nasty additives, one mother of an asthmatic child told me:

“he’s no trouble, he just sits there trying to breathe”

Our survey showed that most families don’t even know sulphites are related to asthma (8).  Surely, you would think our food regulator should be there to help. But no – it is the opposite. It seems they are there to help the food industry while BigPharma laughs all the way to the bank.

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Now, FSANZ have decided that sulphite levels in our food supply may be too low and are intending to increase them again! (9) We suggest this will lead to another asthma surge.

If we want to stop being the world leaders in asthma, we need to reduce sulphites and other nasty additives in ultra-processed foods and get the childhood asthma level to back under 10% where it was in 1982.

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In Sue’s book Fed Up: Understanding how food affects your child and what you can do about it - chapter 7 is about asthma, and it’s not only about children.

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3. Belmont asthma prevalence study - Toelle BG et al,  Prevalence of asthma and allergy in schoolchildren in Belmont, Australia: three cross sectional surveys over 20 years, BMJ, 2004, Feb 14;328(7436):386-7.

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8. Two-thirds of consumers (67% of  635 responses) had no idea that sulphites and asthma were related, and only 27% of those surveyed understood there was any connection. Given the public health costs of asthma, education on this topic should not be left to consumer volunteers .


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