Back to school in Australia – and the growing problem of classroom behaviour.

In 2018, Australia’s rate of classroom disruption was some of the worst in the world, ranked 69 out of 76 countries, and the violence is still increasing.

The Senate committee’s enquiry

Unfortunately, last year’s Senate enquiry into "increasing disruption in Australian school classrooms" completely ignored our submission about how additive-free eating can turn classrooms into “a sea of calm” in two weeks and instead their recommendations emphasised

  • behaviour management training for teachers
  • behaviour management classes for students

Behaviour management or diet?

Well, I was a teacher like that when I started my career decades ago. I had a degree in Psychology and a Dip Ed in a new subject called “Guidance” – basically helping kids with their behaviour – that was cancelled just before I graduated.

Years later, I was teaching behaviour management classes to parents when I became pregnant, and soon discovered nothing I had taught those parents helped with my own child. It took me 11 years of hard work to discover the magic answer – DIET!!! (and some behaviour management as well).

Additive-free school trials

If only the Senate Committee had paid attention to our additive-free school trials! For example, in 2005, we did a 2-week additive free trial in Palmers Island primary school in northern NSW

The students said

“it makes us improve in our work”
“I used to be really naughty in class - now I’m not naughty as much anymore”
“they’ve been a lot calmer - haven’t been not working - haven’t been yelling out in class”
“all calm - they don’t yell out in class”
“my brother used to always usually hurt me – but now he doesn’t”
“my friends – they’ve been quieter – and not as annoying”

The teachers said

“they’ve been much more harmonious – and that’s had an effect on the classroom as a whole”
“far more sociable … and amiable with each other - and settled”
“certain kids had a longer attention span … able to concentrate and work more effectively”
“a bit more focused –more enthusiastic – and more cooperative … the best they’ve ever been”
“they haven’t had that snappiness between them except if they’ve been completely exhausted”

 The principal said

“they were able to relate better to their peers … and also to concentrate better in class…which means you’re having fewer behavioural problems.”

And a teachers aide said

“I’d actually like to see the big companies that are making all their money off these kids be accountable for what they’re putting in their foods.”

So what happened when they were allowed some treats from the shop at the swimming pool?

VPalmersIsland  See for yourself in the video

What you can do to help your kids

More info

The Senate inquiry into "increasing disruption in Australian school classrooms" began about 12 months ago. Its interim report has called on the government to fast-track improved teacher training. It also recommended introducing a "behaviour curriculum" for students to understand their school's expectations.

Resources for schools and school canteens/tuckshops

More videos of school trials of diet - the Nana Glen report with French subtitles has been viewed more than 371,000 times!