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Poor labelling of food products - submission made to the Review on Australian consumer law


The Food Intolerance Network, with other activist groups, has made a submission on a current review of Australian consumer law, focussing on the poor labelling of food products.

We took the view that developing a systematic approach to labelling is necessary and would appropriately rest with the ACCC. It could be grounded in the ACCC’s responsibility to ensure that false and deceptive claims are not made. This should include deception by omission when labels are manifestly inadequate, uninformative or disingenuous. Such an approach would complement the proposal for a general requirement of safety for products.

Food labelling laws are currently ad hoc and poorly enforced.  At a minimum, clear delineation of responsibilities and roles is needed.

Lack of labelling impacts on the right of consumers to know what is in their food and how this can result in consumers being misled.

Joint submission by food activist organisations details (8 pages)

The Review Terms of Reference

Submission on food labelling made in 2010 - any progress?