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Wein ion units may reduce coronavirus risk

We bought our first Wein personal air purifier to deal with fragrance sensitivity commonly suffered by people with food intolerance.

Then we realised they also work for other airborne particles including bushfire smoke and, most important, viruses.

This blog is a bit sciency but it needs to be to provide accurate information. The references give more information for those interested.

The bottom line is that use of a personal or room ionizer will markedly enhance the effectiveness of a surgical mask alone in protecting against viruses such as a coronavirus

WeinAS300R                   WeinVI3500VI-3500

University tests show that the Wein VI-3500 room air purifier, operating continuously for 15 min in a 25 m3 room, reduces the concentration of submicron particles in the room by a factor of 6.

Ionic air purifiers are not generally viewed as a way to replace personal masks or respirator filters but can be used with masks to greatly enhance their effectiveness. For example, for submicron-sized viruses the size of a coronavirus (2):

Airborne particle concentration/m3

Estimated number of organisms inhaled during 1 hr at 30 l/min


Surgical mask alone

Surgical mask + room ionizer









Ionic air purifiers cannot fully eliminate the risk of inhaling airborne particles or prevent the transmission of infectious agents in indoor air but reductions in airborne particle concentrations provide risk reduction against any disease for which the aerosol transmission is one of the infectious pathways (1).

Researchers theorized that the added electrostatic charges on the mask fibres cause a significant enhancement effect (about 5-fold for the Vortex VI-3500 ionic purifier) as well as reducing the numbers of particles in the environment.

“Ion generating equipment, including the tested Room ionic air purifier Vortex VI-3500 ... and [Personal Air Supply] AS180i ... should significantly reduce the concentration of droplets of 0.1 to 3 µm in the vicinity of the ionic air purifiers”(1).

“Both the room-size and the neck-worn air purifier can be of significant benefit in mitigating the risks from SARS, as well as from other common airborne pathogens such as the “common cold” coronaviruses, tuberculosis, and Influenza A & B” (4).

You can see more information about the Wein personal air supplies AS180i and AS300R and about the Wein room ionic air purifier Vortex VI3500.


      The studies below relate to an earlier coronavirus known as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) rather than to Covid-19.

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