For the past 30 years, Sue has given all proceeds of her books and talks and her fulltime efforts to running the Food Intolerance Network, helped by Howard. As you know, your Network does not receive funding from any industry or lobby group so as to ensure scrupulous independence.

Lately, several people have asked how they can help financially, so we are pleased to acknowledge their assistance here. This will enable us to make more brochures available, to upgrade to colour brochures, maybe to get some professional help with the website and to undertake more extensive lobbying on behalf of all those affected by food. If you want to help, you can make a donation to Sue Dengate ABN 72 705 112 854, PO Box 718, WOOLGOOLGA NSW 2456.

You can make a donation using Paypal or credit card, any currency.


Thank you for your help.

June 2024: thanks to Jane Harman for $120 "thanks for continuing your good work enlightening people about additives. Your website has been a very helpful reference for me for about 20 years!"

April 2024: thanks for $20 from Damian UK

January 2024: thanks for $20 from Steven (USA) "keep up the good work, you're doing a great job for the community!"

June 2023: thanks for $20 from Adam "I very much appreciate the good work you and Sue have done".

November 2022: thanks for $10 from Stephen "in the interest of safeguarding public health".

December 2021: thanks for $10 from Rhonda in USA "I am so grateful to discover the wealth of information on your website. Truly an eureka week and strongly suspect salicylate overload. Why oh why has it taken me so long to discover this? I've not only been throwing more high salicylate "remedies" at my stomach cramps, I was smearing coconut oil on my hives! Mint is in everything, too. Oh God it's everywhere!"

September 2021: thanks for $20 from Luke to help support the Food Intolerance Network.

August 2021: $20 from Morgan who said “The work you and Sue do is truly life changing for so many people, and cannot express my gratitude enough for the changes I can see in my 11 year old son” - Morgan

August 2021: thanks so much to long-term failsafer Anne Hurman who donated $100. "Being on the failsafe diet gave me so much knowledge around food and I need to thank you for that, and for many years of calm kids. Your research, recipes, books and friendship have been a big part of our lives."

May 2021: $40 from Sarah UK who said "Thank you so much for all the hard work you do".

January 2021: $100 from Lisa who said "I would like to say thank you for what you and Sue, and all those who assist you, do. Since listening to Sue speaking at the Fedup Roadshow in Clare in 2013 our family has been avoiding the colours, flavours, preservatives, synthetic antioxidants & flavour enhancers listed as problematic, and boy do we know when we stray!! It's not easy to keep up with so I rely constantly on the information you provide in your shopping list re additives in foods. It is always kept up to date, and problems/changes noted. I'd be lost without your resources. There must be so many people like myself who you never hear from, who follow silently, but whose lives you have changed. So, THANK YOU!"

December 2020: $200.00 from Adam Bernhaut at Advance Dental Health Supplies in thanks for listing his products.

May 2018: Thanks to Angela for a donation of $50.00 to support our Network "for all of the invaluable information that you and Sue provide on"

October 2014: Thanks to anonymous from France for a donation of $100.00 to support our Network "to thank you personally".

January 2014: Thanks to Matthew for a donation of $5.00 to support our Network.

July 2013: Thanks to anonymous for a donation of $100.00 "to support the Food Intolerance Network".

May 2013: Thanks to a very grateful family from Queensland for a donation of $100.00 "to support the Food Intolerance Network". Thanks for your support and kindness. It is actions like yours that keep us going and allow us to reach more people who need to know.

August 2012: Thanks to a donor who prefers to remain anonymous for a donation of $500.00. She said "it has helped my grand daughter immeasurably!".

February 2012: Thanks to Karen for a donation of $100.00. She said "I am happy to contribute to the Food Intolerance Network as I feel that the information you provide is incredibly important. I have referred many people to your website over the past few weeks and have become completely absorbed by the success stories. I can't help but wonder if more people were aware that their irritability/aggression might be linked to food additives and was avoidable, might we see an end to road rage?!"

February 2012: Thanks to Tamae for a donation of $50.00 "to support the Food Intolerance Network". Thanks for your support and kindness. It is actions like yours that keep us going. 

September 2011: Thanks to Shelley for $200.00 who said "My son (whom I thought doesn't generally have hyperactivity or any of the "failsafe kids" problems) had a very clear reaction to colouring that is banned in the UK. I was very angry when I realised why. I felt I needed to direct my energy to something positive, and to support you and Sue's tireless effort for awareness and campaigns to have these chemicals recognised and hopefully banned here too.

August 2011: Thanks to Deb and Andrew Saunders who organised the Taree talk. They said "we also donated $500.00 of last nights door to FIN through the donations tab on the Fed up website. We know this will go towards helping you keep up the good work you do & to help change many peoples lives in the way you have changed ours."

July 2011: Thanks to Andrew for $30.00 through Paypal. Your support is appreciated.

June 2010: Thanks to Briony for $120.00, who said "Thank you so very much for your time, support, empathy and guidance. This donation is equal to the dietitian's consultation fee that I paid earlier in the year, and didn't get where I wanted to, in fact I think that's where my boiling point came from! A girlfriend lifted my spirits today telling me I was 'one strong mum' but I think that title definitely belongs to you! Thank you for helping us to understand our children."

January 2010: Thanks to Lyndel of Victoria for $20.00, such support is appreciated.

November 2009: Thanks to the Morris family of Tasmania for $300.00, who said "it is our family who are amazed at your family's generosity to all of us living with food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. The work that you and Sue have done has kept us from going completely around the twist."

September 2008: Thanks to Robyn & Frank for a donation of $100.00: "Words cannot express how grateful we both are....thanks to your advice and the elimination diet we have some normality back in our lives."

May 2008: Thanks to Julie Eady of Additive Alert for a donation of $600.00 towards laboratory testing.

December 2007: Thanks to two NSW parents for a donation of $50 and for saying "thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to help me".

July 2007: Thanks to a Melbourne mother, who asked that her family donate money to the FIN, instead of giving her 40th birthday presents. "I can think of no better gift than that our food supply becomes safer, making life easier (and happier) for us all. I know that my family are pretty happy with what the Food Intolerance Network has done for me!" - so thanks to Molly & Tony (Mum & Dad) for $50, and to Sue, Stephen and the girls for $50.00, and to Louise and Stephen at the Caring for You Nursing Agency for $500.00.

May 2007:Thanks also to Ellen of Virginia, USA for $US200, who said "Failsafe has changed my life. I am still working out the kinks but mysteries that have baffled me for 64 years are clearing up!"

May 2007: Thanks to an anonymous mother from NSW for $300.00 towards brochures, who said "I hope this donation can be used in some way to inspire others continue the awareness fight for so many children and parents".

July 2006: Thanks to for a donation of $300.00, who said "I support wholeheartedly the work you guys do. It's great that we can support you (from the heart) without compromising your independence as we have no direct involvement in the food industry".

July 2006: We wish to thank PB of North Sydney for a donation of $50.00 towards our efforts – "A sincere thanks for making a good site. It is really informative. I must sincerely thank you for making this site so painstakingly and meticulously. Well done and thanks once again."

November 2005: We are pleased to announce our inaugural cash donation of $200.00 from an anonymous real estate agent in Melbourne. Thank you.