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2600 Canberra

2600 Canberra

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02 6207 9977

Canberra Hospital, Yamba Drive, GARRAN ACT 2605 - free ACT Health community nutrition services in Canberra for children and young people through the Women, Youth and Children’s Community Health Program.

The service has Accredited Practising Dietitians in various health centres around Canberra and all are qualified and experienced in working with the RPAH Elimination Diet. 

ACT Health also has Community Care nutrition services for adults – appointments can be made through phone number given.

2600 Canberra

2612 Turner

Anne Embry APD

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0415 482 881

Suite 10 McKay Gardens Professional Centre, McKay Gardens, Turner ACT 2612

Specialist dietitian experienced in food intolerance, food allergy, digestive disorders/ FODMAPS, paediatrics.  All ages seen

Phone consult can be arranged if necessary.

2600 Canberra 2602 Ainslie

2604 Kingston

2617 Belconnen

ryanj  Jeanette Ryan APD

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North Canberra Family Practice, 5B Chandler Street, Belconnen 02 6129 5100

Wentworth Avenue Family Practice, 55 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston 02 6203 4600

Ainslie Family Practice, 21 Edgar Street, Ainslie, 02 6129 0400

I have experience working with food intolerance, including the low FODMAP diet, and food chemical sensitivities using the RPAH elimination diet. Experience working with children and adults to identify and manage intolerance. As well as professional knowledge and experience I have practical experience and advice from years of dealing with family members (husband and children) with food chemical sensitivities and Coeliac disease.

Available for in-person and telehealth consultations.

Also a health professional affiliate of Coeliac Australia.

2600 Canberra

2612 Braddon

Caroline Salisbury APD

Caroline Salisbury & Associates - Accredited Practising Dietitians (private practice)

02 6257 1415
54 Girrahween St, Braddon, ACT 2612

Recommended by many failsafers. Caroline is Canberra's most experienced private practising Dietitian.

2600 Canberra

Canberra Queanbeyan

tazzymanpPaula Tazzyman APD

0418 162 202



Having graduated from Sydney University in 1995 with a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics, Paula is an Accredited Practising Dietitian/ Accredited Nutritionist and is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia.

She has  worked extensively in the management of Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression, poor digestive health and supporting children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder for over 18 years.

Skype consultations for local and international clients as well as phone consultations and email support are available.

Paula also consults in Spanish.

2600 Canberra various

Lakshika Dadigamuwage

Contact for all the above:

0419 841 859
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We are a national team of Accredited Dietitians and Accredited Nutritionists. 

We specialise in chronic disease, weight loss, metabolic imbalances and elimination diets and challenge protocols to manage your allergies/intolerances/food chemical sensitivities (skin, respiratory, gut, headaches to name a few).

We also specialist in using elimination and failsafe diets for managing children behaviour issues.

As the founder of Menuconcepts I have personally experienced the amazing behaviour benefits using the failsafe diet for my son with amazing behaviour results.

We are very experienced with managing food sensitivities (amines, salycylates, MSG) and gut issues such as IBS, IBD, Chrons, chronic constipation and more.. 

We will assist you to eliminate your symptoms and improve your health and wellbeing for the long term.

With 55 clinics nationally we can find one to suit you. 

We also offer skype/online video consulting from the comfort of your own home with the Senior Dietitian and Founder Nicole Moore (BSc. Master Nutrition & Dietetics, DAA. APD. AN).

EPC bulk billing available in clinics *small gap maybe payable on the day

Private health fund rebates apply (up to 80%)

Update October 2023