The best form of support is the Sue Dengate facebook group with over 20,000 members, including dietitians and very experienced failsafers - this is an open forum meaning the public can see your posts.

Or the closed failsafe group with over 5,000 members - only members can see your posts.

If you are overseas

USA facebook group
NZ facebook group (membership preference given to those living in New Zealand)
UK facebook group 

Key resources:

Introduction to food intolerance

How to start failsafe eating

Dietitians (experienced and supportive, Australia and overseas)

Over 100 science-based factsheets

Frequently asked questions FAQs

Checklist of common mistakes (this was written for you based on the experience of many hundreds of people)


Autism Summit resources

Grateful thanks to the many local and overseas contacts who have provided friendly and useful support for many past years: Alison, Andra, Andrea, Anna, Anne, Anne-Marie, Annette, Belinda, Brenda, Bron, Cara, Carol, Caroline, Carsten, Cath, Cathy, Charmaine, Chris, Dani, Danielle, Darren, Deb, Dianne, Elaine, Eleanor, Emma, Fay, Faye, Fiona, Hayley, Helen, Jan, Jane, Jenny (2 of them), Jo,  Julie, Julieanne, Kazz, Kylie, Linda, Lisa, Lucy, Martina, Monica, Nerida, Nikki, Nyssa, Pam, Peta, Pip, Rachel, Rebecca, Robin, Robyn, Rossana, Shannon, Shelley, Sheryl, Skye, Sonia , Sonja, Stephanie, Sue (3 of them), Susan, Suzie, Sylvia, Symone, Tina , Tracey, and Tracy.

No matter which support you seek, we recommend that you have read one of the following books: Fed Up, the Failsafe Cookbook, or Friendly Food.


Sue Dengate's contact details for media but not general support are in About us